boutique family, pregnancy & newborn portraiture
San Tan Valley, Arizona

I have one goal, and that is to become your photographer for life!

I believe that photography captures life's precious moments and

those moments are meant to be shared. Whether it is on your walls,

phones, Twitter, Snap Chat, and yes even Facebook pages your life 

and the lives of your cherished family are like tiny threads that

make up your families quilt. Time does not stand still no matter

how much we might want it to. Before you know it those tiny

precious feet are now running all over your house and the next

time you blink are asking for the car keys. Photography for me,

stops time for a little bit and allows us those few opportunities

to sit back and enjoy those priceless memories before they are gone. 

My mother once told me to write everything my kids say that is funny down because before you know it, they will be grown and you will not remember that moment quite right. For this reason, photography is so special to me. I get to be the timekeeper for a few hours and share in some of your treasured memories. I am not like other photographers out there, I am a total mom at heart and that allows me to understand life in a way that I think many can not. Memories for me are like the glue that bonds family's together, without that glue we forget who we are. In my home some of our favorite memories are of my children sitting down around the huge box of pictures laughing out loud and talking about those memories inside. We get a kick out of watching them see life through our eyes and the giggles at how funny we must have looked back then. Life is about those giggles and moments we spend together making memories. 

In this day and age, when everyone has a cell phone with a camera, those memories are a little easier to keep and even share with those that you love around the world, however finding time to sit down and take formal photos still is something that we put off saying we have time. The truth is every moment we waste is a moment we can't get back. Let me help your family save those memories and give your kids and grandkid's something funny to laugh at in the future.

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